A big thank you to the PA DEN Leadership Council for organizing a “Lights! Camera! Education!” training in Pittsburgh last Friday and Saturday. It was an enthusiastic group of DEN members and candidates many of whom spent more time than I did to get to the Carnegie Science Center on the river by the stadiums. From a teacher eating tree to a retirement party, they took to the American Film Institute’s door scene exercise like Spielberg to Indiana Jones.  Battling the noises of the exhibits, the excitement of an elementary school sleep over (how do those chaperone’s do it?) and casting enough doors to fit the bill, they shot, wrote, sketched, shot some more, dollied, zoomed, craned, and finally edited their way to cinematic immortality just in time to make it over to the Pirates’ game on Saturday night.
     Here are the resources I promised them:

  •   My “Makin’ Movies” intro presentation in PDF format. You will have to follow the links to get the videos and Google the commercials. Download AFIpa507.pdf
  •   Resources from my two co-panelists at a recent Digital Storytelling 2.0 workshop. David Jakes lists a number of great websites to keep you current and Jon Orech reinforces the idea and tools of visual grammar.
  •   “Guerrilla Graphics” which is still waiting for its overdue update and Web 2.0 additions. And my JB TV page with some past winners of our Chicagoland Television Educators Council H.S. video festival, video tips and exemplary movies.
  •   Here’s the inexpensive wireless mic to help with sound quality either as a clip-on, hidden in a prop or on a “boom.” Run, don’t walk over to and order their $6.99 wireless headset microphone (WM-603-N) that even comes with batteries. But first make sure you have a camera that will take an external mic.


     And, of course, don’t forget to look in unitedstreaming for the “Lights! Camera! Education!” clips and the downloadable manual for integrating AFI’s program into any curriculum.

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