Meet a fellow teacher using science connection

Img_3106     Hi!  My name is Tracie Belt and like you I am interested in making my science class a great place to learn.  I have been a teacher for more years than I want to confess to, but have loved every minute of it. Along the way I have taught in 3 continents and every grade level from kindergarten to seventh grade.  I have taught in public, private and DOD schools and have most of my experience in teaching science and math. Why is this pertinent?  It is pertinent because of all of this variety has taught me that there is always something new to learn and explore know matter how much experience you have.  At present I am a seventh grade life science teacher  and work at a school where technology is encouraged and supported. 
    Consequently, I have enjoyed many professional development opportunities with technology and am encouraged to always try out new things in my classroom. Two of my favorite activities with my seventh graders are inquiry based projects that I do in my classroom.  The first is an open inquiry project on protists.  The students explore protists, study them under the microscope and then develop their own experiment based on their individual study and research.We then have a scientist symposium and share our expreriments and findings. Another project that my students enjoy is one in which we combine history and science. We do a unit on infectious diseases using the book: Fever 1793.
My student’s did pod casts, digital stories, and PowerPoints to show what they had learned about infectious diseases such as yellow fever, and then shared them with parents.  It was a great success and the students tell me they loved learning new things by my incorporation of technology, research and student choice of subject. 
        If you feel the same way as I do then we should enjoy sharing ideas about Science Connection. It will be fun and enlightening to share ideas, and help each other with projects along the way.  I invite you to participate, so that we can help each other make Science Connection a tool that makes our classrooms a great place to discover science and the connections science has to our student’s lives.


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