1. Scott Meech said:

    I like ToonDoo a lot… but did anyone see the cartoon that was posted Thursday, May 17th around 11:00 am. It was very inappropriate for my middle school students.

    Oh why oh why can’t we have some tools that people don’t have to ruin like this…


  2. Katie Knapp, VA DEN LC Chair said:

    Same experience here! When this site was shared I checked it out and then sent it out to my teachers. Fifteen minutes later, I went back to the site and saw, right on the homepage, very vulgar language in a posted toon. Yesterday, I decided to check it out again and was floored at what is on that site. There was a toon about the president and Michael Jackson…together, and, right on the homepage was one on two men in an act at a bus stop. They were stick figures…but it is a VERY inappropriate site for our students! Bummer, it was such a fun idea for an activity.

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