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If you have not read Steve Dembo’s Digital Passports post on Voki, you really need to do so now. Between grades being due today at my school and re-imaging the first of about 300 computers for next year I’ve not had a chance to check my personal blog RSS feeds. I missed out on reading about Voki until tonight’s what I thought was just going to be a social event with several DEN and prospective DEN people. That’s until Karen showed up and started raving about Voki, and Steve of course.


Our supposed laid back gathering turned into a full blown Voki session. Each of us created our own characters. Our homework was to put a voice to the avatar. As Steve pointed out, you can use a microphone, call in, have them call your OR type the text in. I found typing in the text, that you were VERY limited on the amount you could say.

As my first DEN event like this, I thought it went quite well. I can see myself doing more. Once we finished with our characters, we all had a chance to talk and share ideas on blogging, RSS, internet safety and the importance of being connected to other teachers to share and collaborate. Thanks to Karen S, Barbara L, Diane D, Elizabeth H, Debbie B (and Donovan!) and Woodrow P for making it a great night!

Oh yea! Anyone wish to take a guess who that character up top looks like???


Some of our great designs from this evening!


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  1. darcy said:

    WOW! so very cool. can i design my avatar, thinner, perchance?

    happy end-of-school, all…it cannot come soon enuf! (another week+ until hs graduations…?

    summer? tech geeking out…i’m ready scotty, beam me up!

    oh, this might be the margaritas dulling the pain of my first car dent (new scion toaster)inflicted by a student/someone today.

    happy end-of-year…bring on the conferences!


  2. Karla Halcomb - STAR Educator - TN Leaderchip Council said:

    How neat!!!!! – What sort of ideas did you all come up with on utilizing this in the classroom? I’d love to hear about them.

  3. ~ Karen ~ said:

    I hated to miss this one. Glad you had such a good time. Looking forward to the next one.

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