"Get More" from unitedstreaming

Many of you have enjoyed the resources in the Get More booklets from unitedstreaming.  Personally, I took about 100 of these booklets home after PETE&C.  I have used them in several faculty workshops and my teachers absolutely love them.  Get_more_booklet_2

Unfortunately, I have already run through my stock.  I was lamenting that I might have to print these out from unitedstreaming for the four workshops I am presenting this summer.  Perhaps some of you can empathize.

Matt Monjan to the rescue – In case you did not catch Matt’s latest blog posting on the Implemention blog, I am relaying his offer on our PA blog.

Apparently, Discovery has 20,000 of the Get More booklets in their warehouse and are itching to get them into the hands of motivated teachers across the country.

You can learn more about this opportunity or order these booklets by visiting Matt’s blog and completing the request form

By the way, don’t forget to continue reporting all your events (from full-scale workshops to lunch room sharing).  STAR DEs who report at least three events by June 1st are eligble for receive a great DEN baseball cap.  Visit the National Blog for more information about this promotion.  (Those caps will come in very handy at the three summer institutes!)


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