Pimp-Out Your Website!

Ever wonder what a widget is?  You know, those cool-looking, picture-boxy thingies you see all over peoples websites?   Here’s my everyday definition: "A widget is, like, you know…"

Here’s my techie definition: Essentially, a widget is a small program that can
be placed on your website/MySpace, etc. profile/desktop that can range in
function from a simple profile to a full-blown application. Like
many things in Web 2.0, widgets are hard to define but way cool!

What’s really cool about widgets is that they are mostly HTML, CSS, and Javascript,
which means that anyone with a browser and a text editor can create them! SpringWidgets.com is a great site where you can browse pre-existing, generic widgets & customize them for your own use, or even create new ones VERY EASLIY from scratch!  Below is a widget I just created on SpringWidgets– took me about 5 minutes…

  Countdown to DEN National Institute: California

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