InstaCalc – It is what it sounds like

I’m not a math guy.  My wife pays the bills in my house because I’m sloppy.  But I do like to geek out over a good set of numbers.  You should have seen me when I was trying to figure out which car was the best deal to lease.  Spreadsheets out the wazoo. 

So even though this may not be as pretty as some other Web 2.0 sites, I really dig InstaCalc.  They’re pitch is that its faster and easier than excel, you can write equations in natural language, and there’s roughly one zillion advanced commands to choose from.  NO cost, no install, and the equations are embeddable, as you can see below.   

One serious downside to it though is that you can’t embed charts into other sites.  I understand that it’s because they want to drive traffic back to them, but for a lot of things created on the site, the chart is the most important piece.  Rather short sighted of them methinks.

So all you math nuts out there, think this one is hot or not?


instacalc_embed_height = 300; instacalc_embed_width = 425; instacalc_embed_url = ‘’;


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  1. Kalid said:

    Hi, this is Kalid from InstaCalc — thanks for the review!

    I’m glad you like the site, I hope your readers find it useful and fun (making math less painful is a life goal of mine, if you can believe it).

    Regarding charts, I do plan on allowing them in the embedded version. Right now they are fairly large to download, but I do want to include them (in an efficient way that doesn’t slow down the embedder’s site 🙂 )

    Again, appreciate the mention! Feel free to send feedback to

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