Meet the Author – Janet Hallstrom

Hallstrom_janet_2 I am a Media Specialist at Fleming Island High School in Orange Park, Florida. My educational experience has spanned the past 33 years and includes teaching at the elementary and high school levels in Mississippi, Texas, and Florida. I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree at Miss. State and my Masters at the University of Mississippi. I was National Board Certified in 2002 and became a STAR DEN in 2006.

While serving as a Media Specialist, I also am the District Media Broadcasting Specialist, a consultant for Sprint (our first year teachers’ program,) a Peer Teacher for alternatively certified teachers, and facilitate Distance Learning Classes for the Schultz Teacher Training Center. I am also involved in teacher training in the summer.

The science department at Fleming Island High School is outstanding. Since 2003, one project includes high school anatomy students teaching the body systems to fourth graders from the feeder elementary schools. My contribution is that I work with students throughout the year developing a technology component for each body system presentation. This year our science team has begun growing kenaf, an ecological alternative to trees in paper making. The University of Miss. donated seeds, and the students at FIHS are blogging with students in Japan growing kenaf at the same time as a collaboration with the Ministry of Education in Japan.  Partnerships with local businesses have resulted in donations to make this all possible.  So you can see that when DESC bacame available, I was very excited to share it with this innovative team of teachers.  The reception to this product is unbelievable.  With such valuable teaching resources now available to them, I’m anxious to see what their next project will be.


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