Voki – and the classroom

The question was raised last night by Karla Holcomb of the TN LC how Voki could be used in education. I received this voice answer to your question Karla from Karen S.

So here goes!

“Karen asked me to take this particular voki off….she will make a comment below as to her asking me to.”

Certainly hope this helps!

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  1. Tom Turner said:

    OK…I didn’t notice this earlier until Steve pointed it out on my personal blog.

    It’s quite freaky when the voice is done talking that the eyes move to where your mouse is. I’m still trying to get the code right to turn off playing the audio immediately.

  2. Tim Childers said:

    I found this site some time ago and tucked it away for “review later.” Since it has come up again, I am playihng around with it to help with class starters in my computer labs. Right now I’m having difficulty getting the voice right (it records v-e-ry s-l-o-w-l-y). We are doing math word problems to start the class. I will record the problem in audio for my low readers and also give them some ideas about how they can go about solving the problem. Then, they will show me their work in a daily journal. I have set up a temporary example at http://www.timchilders.com/Starters/aug01.htm. BTW, great job Karla!

  3. Nathan Guteras said:

    Thanks for letting us know about new ways to motivate and excite our students using technology. The Voki will sure be a crowd pleaser.

  4. Karen C. Seddon said:

    Hey Tim,

    I found it easier to use an external mic, record my voice and upload it. Then the timing wasn’t so slow. In fact, I used my iPod to record that one! Fun!

    As always, I am
    Ubiquitoulsy Yours,


  5. Teryl Magee - TN DEN LC, Chair said:


    As always, great ideas! I love the VOKI and can’t wait to try it. I am sure Karla and I will have fun playing with it over the summer.

    BTW..Tim, I thought you didn’t use txt spk 🙂

  6. Tim Childers said:

    Thanks for the tip about recording my voice separately. I used Audacity (what else?) to record some instructions for the math starter example I put up. It worked great! I’ve shown it to the teachers in my lab. They all want to make their own as well. In addition, we will use Voki to let students create and introduce our math starters. Cool, huh? Tim

  7. Karen C. Seddon said:

    Hey Tom,

    As much as I loved hosting my Voki on your blog, I want to make sure that teachers realized that we don’t always have the ability to post every cool thing that comes out on the Internet. Districts are always looking to protect our students and teachers. Be careful when using outside sources that you do not have the ability to pull back your content. Before putting anything out on the Internet, make sure you are meeting your particular district policies and procedures. Just a heads up!

    As always, I am
    Ubiquitously Yours,

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