Benefits of Being a Star Discovery Educator

Lance Rougeux posted a presentation on the benefits of being a STAR Discovery Educator that I think everyone should check out.  Congratulations to Lance on a job well done promoting the DEN as those
of us involved do believe this is a great resource for all educators. 

The presentation takes a little extra time to load as it is rather large so don’t get discouraged and close it up thinking it isn’t working.  I think we need to really look at promoting the IL DEN some more in Illinois. 

What ways are some of you promoting the DEN? What ways can we improve our advertising of the program for the 2007 – 2008 school year?  What ways can we collaborate on projects and work more closely together?   Focus on the benefits of collaboration with each other.  Some of our DEN members are very well known throughout the country for their expertise.  Plug into the network and take advantage of the experience that we all bring with us.

Please send me any information that you want posted about any activity that others in the DEN might be interested in:   I guarantee we have people interested in what we are all doing in our classrooms and in our school districts.


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  1. Lori said:

    There’s a bunch of us from IL DEN now in Second Life – DEN is going to have a great presence in SL. We’re planning some SL events, creating a DEN HQ in SL. So maybe even more IL DEN members will consider getting involved. If you’re in SL – I’m
    Lor Fredriksson look me up, send an IM, come check out the DEN house.

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