First Mass E-mailing to NY DEN Members

For those of you who may not have received the first mass e-mailing to all NY DEN members, here is the content of the e-mail:

On behalf of the NY DEN Leadership Council, I am emailing to try to share with you what the NY DEN Leadership Council has been up to lately.

There is still room if you would like to join us and take a leadership role in the NY DEN LC.  We need someone to serve as co-chair
for the upstate region.  Someone to co-chair events would be wonderful.  Please let us know if you are interested.

The NY DEN LC is trying to organize some upcoming events.  Two ideas are:

10 Wineries each exploring a different country’s culture for a two day event.

"Details the growth and opportunity, the economic and social upheval that began with the coming of rapid and inexpensive rail service. This event ended the isolation of people, products and culture in New Rochelle, and in Westchester County. This began in 1846 and continues to present day. The exhibit encompases several rooms using illustrated panels, maps, and RAILROAD artifacts from the Museum’s collection, and from the collections of private individuals"

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

‘Stay Tuned & Stay Connected!’


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