Great Music for the Classroom. But…

Fp1 Some great and productive DEN members from Georgia emailed me recently about  The music at this is site is fantastic— film sound track quality stuff. You must visit it.  And, although created for media professionals, it is specifically free for classroom teachers doing educational projects with students in their classrooms.  Students assembling media with MovieMaker or iMovie for a Fp2 history, health, math, project, etc., could use this music to make their project come together, to enhance their learning with the undeniable impact of music. In a presentation to the class, this would be significant.  However, be wary! The good Georgia folks wanted to take their great projects outside the classroom–and there the free ride from FreePlay stops.  There are specified rates for anything outside the classroom, including media festivals and podcasting. These rates, in my mind, are very reasonable, in some cases $25,which is about the entry fee at some student festivals.  Because this music is especially created for these uses and have educational rates, these are rates that must be paid if the uses extend outside the classroom.  Even for uses such as presenting the work to the school board (outside the classroom) would require a license.  Most music Cc you hear on the radio does not have such opportunities for educators to license music. When it does, even Fair Use would support acquiring the necessary licenses.  There are more lenient licenses for original material at Creative Commons, but the ease of use of FreePlay is a real asset.  Remember, you need Pics the license only when moving outside the classroom and classroom work. While we’re talking about classroom resources with a greater range of Clown free use, don’t forget Pics4Learning whose free terms of use includes even fund raising uses because of the copyright holders agreement (check this section for the clownfish).  And, of course, KitZu. The Library of Congress is another great, if bewildering, resource, but there are license restrictions on many items in the LOC collection, too. I know you know some other resources for teachers–let’s share them in the comments!  Prizes for the best ones!  Next post – a $30 wireless video camera I gaffer-taped by a birds nest at my house for a live feed.


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  1. Jennifer Gingerich said:

    I’ve got a plan! Next year I am going to work with the music teacher and our older students, to have them write our own free music using Garage Band. My plan is to give the students an adjective (a feeling word) and have them create an original song.

    I would really love to have them create a 15, 30, and 60 second version. These songs would then be available to all teachers. These would be the songs to use with student projects that will be posted on the web or shared outside of the classroom.

    Anyone want a copy of the CD? I would be glad to share — no charge. Just keep an eye on my blog, say in late September.

  2. Jennifer Gingerich said:

    Speaking of Pics4Learning, one of my favorite sites, why not a Sounds4Learning site? A site where we can all post our own musical compositions and sound effect recordings. Hmm, now how do we get this started? Hall, don’t you have any influence in this area?

  3. Hall Davidson said:

    Jennifer,these are really good ideas. Hmmmmmm. Because the “Free” sound sites like Creative Commons are very hard to navigate, categorize, etc. This is worth serious exploration, thanks. Excellent Thinking Award (ETA)to Jennifer! Have to think up an appropriate prize for that one.

  4. Hall Davidson said:

    PS Just bought the “World Music” Jam Pack for Garage Band at the Apple Store in Cupertino. Happened to be there for the CUE board meeting. They love to see me in those stores. I am stopped only by the size of the bag. Even worse at the Discovery Stores.

  5. Hall Davidson said:

    Good, good, good! Thanks, Ana and Steve. I have grabbed a couple of URLs and when time allows we can start a single resource site.


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