Big things happening in Second Life!

Do you feel a buzz?  If you do, it just might be the flurry of activity that’s happening in Second Life!  After a great meeting last week to talk about what the DEN’s presence in Second Life should look like, we’ve got a fantastic group of STAR’s who have volunteered to take the reigns and make it all happen.

So where do things stand?  Well at this point we have a construction crew who have chosen a new house for the DEN to reside in and are in the process of customizing it to our needs.  The events chairs are busy planning a DEN kick off event, dates and details to be forthcoming.  And there’s a freebie cube in the DEN house right now where you can get T-Shirts, laptops, and other Discovery schwag that you can wear proudly!

If you have a Second Life, don’t forget to join the Discovery Educator Network group.  Then IM me (Demb Oh) and let me know who you are so I can promote you to STAR status!

Here’s a few shots from some recent activity within Second Life:

DEN Leadership Council meeting




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  1. Lori Abrahams (Lor Fredriksson in SL) said:

    Love the new house. We need walls and whiteboards, new furniture and other either stairs or a teleporter. I keep bumping into things trying to fly upstairs. I was watching Amerian classics on the TV last night – cool – even made notes animate out of the speakers. Brought some new friends to the DEN and they are now proudly wearing the shirt and Jean jacket. It’s really a unisex jacket – not just for guys!! Anne and I even started learning how to build at Angel Learning Island and loved the chairs that multiply if you have more guests that stop by. We saw them there with directions on how to get them.

  2. Elaine Plybon said:

    Hey, that’s a picture of me! Or my alter ego, Celestia Cazelet, anyway! Second Life is worth the effort to learn, everyone should join us in there!

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