Final EdTechConnect of the 06-07 Year

our very own VA STAR DEN member at tomorrow’s May 23rd EdTechConnect.
This is
going to be a fantastic webinar that will be full of learning and feature a VA
STAR DEN member.  What more can you ask for?

following members will be giving presentations.

  • Mary Mueller will demonstrate how to improve the literacy
    skills of high school English Language Learners by using downloaded audio
  • Heather Sullivan will be sharing how her high school
    biology students create digital lab reports with MovieMaker as an alternative to the "traditional typed lab
  • Diana Laufenberg will be sharing The Power of One, a
    project that was developed around a visit by Paul Rusesabagina, the man
    featured in the Hotel Rwanda story.

and a round of applause

please for…………….

  • Fred
    own STAR DEN member Fred Delventhal will be presenting
    Spinning Toys: Balance and Motion in Microgravity.  Fred was part of a
    team of teachers that guided second graders through the scientific process to
    find out the effect of gravity on spinning toys.  They conducted the
    experiments on NASA’s Reduced Gravity Jet – The Weightless Wonder.  Fred
    used this project to introduce new technologies to the teachers involved such
    as blogging, Flickr, and Google Docs.

Space is limited so CLICK
to register.

Good luck Fred!!! We know you’ll make us proud. 🙂



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