Wanted, one Blog Chair for Second Life

Based on the high demand, we’re forming a Second Life leadership council to help direct DEN activities there, as well as organize events in SL for STAR’s to get started there.  As of right now we have a Council Chair and Events co-chairs, but we still don’t have a Blog Chair for the Council.  We do have several people who have volunteered to contribute to the blog, but we need somebody to take a leadership role organizing it, and ensuring that there is activity on it.

If you’re interested in being the Blog Chair for the Second Life Leadership Council, then leave a comment here.  It is open to people of all SL experience levels, you don’t need to be a ninja-master to head up the blog.



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  1. Lor said:

    So whose office in SL were you using in that photo?
    I said I would help, be a guest contributor and comment- just not sure if I can handle being in charge.

  2. Laelia said:

    Need you ask? LOL I know, I know…but just thought I’d offer.

  3. Theresa Meade said:

    I have become very interested in SL. I loved Friday’s conference. I am intrigued about becoming involved…

  4. Katie said:

    I didn’t know about the “Friday conference”, my loss. Is it posted somewhere so I can take a look? I’ve just downloaded it and created my avatar but haven’t had a chance to get any further yet.

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