What is a DEN event?

As you know, STAR Discovery Educators are asked to report at least two events each year in order to maintain their STAR status and all the benefits that come with it.  So, what is an event? 

Any time you share the power of Discovery with other educators (3 or more), you are hosting an event.

For example:

  • Lead an after-school training on how to use the Assignment Builder in unitedstreaming
  • Host a grade-level meeting during lunch to show your colleagues how to sign up for the Science Connection trial
  • Sponsor a summer workshop where you and your colleagues create multimedia presentations or Google Earth tours with unitedstreaming videos embedded
  • The list is endless!

After you have conducted an event, make sure to report it!

Note: Events must involve direct instruction or coordination on the part of the STAR DE.  Although we absolutely value and support STAR DEs who send out weekly newsletters, blog posts, tech tip emails, etc., they do not count as events.  They do however count toward overall activity in the DEN so keep it up 🙂

More information on the definition of a DEN event can be found below.
Download what_is_an_event.pdf


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