Kartoo: Map out your search results

Snag0207I have to admit, I’m not exactly sure how to describe Kartoo.  It’s essentially a search engine that maps out the results graphically and shows the connections between them.  Does that mean you’ll get better results?  Well, not necessarily, but you’ll understand how they relate to each other. 

Whenever possible, Kartoo also inserts keywords in the paths between connected sites.  For example, ThinkLink is connected to Discovery Education by the keyword of assessment. 

It’s definitely one of those sites that you have to try for yourself.  But if you do, try it with some basic searches that students might do.  For example, search for Ecuador, or mammals and you can get some very relevant results organized in a fashion that I think would be beneficial to a budding researcher.


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  1. Rick said:

    I looked into this site, it seems very user friendly and gives you a visual of the sites mainpage. I would like to use this with elementary students to create more focused searches. I tried it a couple of times and the searches did not narrow rather widened to more hits.

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