Look at these Resources

     Matt Monjan over on the Implementation blog posted a list of unitedstreaming resources for you to consider for your summer and beginning of the school year staff development. His article reminded me that there are a few digital storytelling aids tucked away in there too. You have to look a bit, but I’ve copied the "bread crumbs" here to save you some time searching. You will have to be logged in to your unitedstreaming account for the links to work.

Trainer’s Toolkit
     There is a PDF in the unitedstreaming in ACTION side box on Digital Storytelling basics and Audio Files. Don’t forget that there are plenty of good sound effects to be found in unitedstreaming in addition to the speeches and songs.

Professional Development > Featured Best Practice Segments > Teaching Tips
     Using Movie Maker to Create Your Own Movie
     Embedding Videos in PowerPoint

Professional Development > Featured Best Practice Segments > Teaching Tips > Teaching Tip Detail > Interactive Training > Project Demonstrations: Digital Editing

    There are two PDF’s of lesson plans in this section: one for Adobe Premiere Elements and the other for iMovie. They are, of course, basically applicable to any editing software. Consider interviewing Ronald Reagan or making a tourism commercial for Paris. In the Tutorials side box on the right you will also find PDF’s on the basics of editing in each program.

     …and Using Images to Make Movies is coming soon.


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