Special Planet Earth DVD Promotion


Soon after Planet Earth aired on the Discovery Channel, requests from educators around the country started to pour in.  We received questions like, "How soon will DVDs be available?" "Can I use the DVDs in schools?" And, of course the inevitable, "How much?"

Well, my friends, here is the good news. Discovery Education has procured a number of Planet Earth DVD Box sets.  Every school that subscribes by June 15th to Discovery Education unitedstreaming or unitedstreaming Plus will receive a Planet Earth DVD Box Set – a $650 value!

Now here is the deal.  In order to receive the Planet Earth DVD Box Set with your subscription, your school must either be renewing their license by upgrading to unitedstreaming Plus or be a brand new unitedstreaming school and purchase Discovery Education unitedstreaming at its list price. 

Basically it breaks down like this-

Current unitedstreaming users:
Upgrade to unitedstreaming Plus for an additional $995 per building and receive one Planet Earth DVD set per school*
K-8 building Current unitedstreaming license + $995
9-12 building Current unitedstreaming license + $995

New unitedstreaming users:
Subscribe to unitedstreaming and receive one Planet Earth DVD set per school*

unitedtreaming price:Pe_monkey_4
K-8 building – $1,495
9-12 building – $1,995

unitedstreaming Plus price:
K-8 building – $2,495
9-12 building – $2,995

*It goes without saying that this offer is available as long as supplies last.

To learn more about this offer simply click on this link unitedstreamingsales@discovery.com and send your request.

Talk to you soon,
Matt Monjan
Discovery Education, unitedstreaming


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  1. Tim Childers said:

    Matt, this sounds like a terrific offer! Unfortunately, your timing is a little off for my school to benefit. We are considering upgrading to unitedstreaming PLUS, but it won’t happen until August at the earliest. Our renewal on our current subscription isn’t due until December. Is there a way to “tweak” the program so that every unitedstreaming subscriber has an opportunity to participate? Thanks for all you do! Tim

  2. Matt Monjan said:

    Hi Tim,
    Yes you can still take advantage of this offer! All you have to do is send in a signed Subscriber’s Agreement. We will invoice you 30 days after the new license starts.

    So if your license renews on December 1, 2007. You will not be billed until January 1, 2008

  3. Tim Childers said:

    Thanks for the info! I’ll pass that along as we consider signing up! Tim

  4. ana said:

    I was just wondering, my county has just renewed its license, Hernando County, will the county receive the dvd’s?

  5. Matt Monjan said:

    Hi Ana,
    As I mentioned in the Blog, in order to receive the Planet Earth DVD Box Set, current subscribers to unitedstreaming will need upgrade to unitedstreaming Plus for an additional $995 per building. Therefore if your entire school district upgrades to unitedstreaming Plus each school will receive one Planet Earth DVD Box set.

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