Do you Woot?

This site has nothing to do with education.  Instead, it’s all about saving money and getting techie geeky things for really cheap prices.  In other words, if you enjoy reading this blog, then you just may become hooked on Woot!

Woot is a website that has a different deal every day.  One day it might be a solar powered flashlight, another day it might be a Roomba, and yet another day it might be a calculator watch that plays MP3’s.  The one thing you do know is that the price is going to range from fair to dirt cheap. 

Take today’s Woot as an example.  It’s a pair of pink 512 MB MP3 players.  You may be asking yourself why anybody would possibly want a pink MP3 player that only holds 512 MB of music.  If you’re a classroom teacher who has ever considered podcasting with your students, then I think you’re looking at the deal of the year.

Did I mention that it has a built in microphone?  So your students can use it to record their podcasts.  Did I mention that 512 MB is enough to hold about 8 hours worth of voice recordings?  And did I mention that the price for this pair of mp3 players is $25?  And, as I’m fond of saying during my podcasting presentations, if a student steps on it you won’t be brought to tears.  So what if it isn’t shiny and white?  At $25 for two, you could buy an entire class pack for about the price of a single iPod (and you’d still need to buy a microphone).

Not every day is going to be a winner, but I’ve found some incredible deals at Woot in the past.  It’s one of those sites I often start the day with.  Happy Wooting!


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  1. Tom Turner said:

    Well Done Steve as always…

    I was turned on to woot a while back from a buddy of mine in my online gaming guild. And yes, on many occasions there’s stuff that is great for educators to pick up, cheap.

  2. Chris Hunewell said:

    I have a feed to Woot! I got a nifty wireless weather station a few weeks ago. It has great stuff for educators!

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