Power in Numbers


Using graphs to find a downed power generator.  Triangulating where a fallen teammate lies.  Calculating angles and trajectories needed to bombard the enemy base.

Is this what you do in math class right now?  I don’t see too many hands in the air.  But I bet your students are probably drooling.  This is the approach that Tabula Digita takes with their new educational game, Dimenxian. It may look like a game of Halo, but players use math concepts to tackle the missions.  It isn’t all fun and games.  In fact, the tagline is "Homework just go harder." 

There’s a PC and a MAC free demo to try, I’m real curious to hear what you think.  Download the demo and then share your thoughts.  Would you install this on your classroom computer for your students?  Can doing your math homework get your heart rate pumping?


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  1. Tim Childers said:

    Steve, another great site! I downloaded the demo and had a blast learning how to get from one coordinate to another, fighting off the enemy, and attempting to download the data command central needed! I will definitely purchase this game for our lab and let kids “play math” from time to time! Tim

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