Quotations Book: In the immortal words of…. someone

Did you know that you needed a Web 2.0 source for quotes?  Of course you didn’t.  But now you have one!  Quotation Books is a website that lets you search for quotes by keyword or by category.  Type in your subject and inspiring, humorous, and stirring quotes will pop up in your browser window.  If you register, you can bookmark them, which will make it easy to find them later.  I do have to admit this is very handy.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve searched for the source of the same ol’ quotes.

You can also embed quotes into web pages and blog posts as you can see below.  Do you really need a widget to do that?  Probably not, but it does make it easy. 

It does have some social networking features in there too.  You can see who else has bookmarked a quote and then raid their quotes list to see if they found some nuggets you’d like.  I was hoping there’d be individual RSS feeds as well, but they haven’t extended it to that point yet.

On the whole, not a bad site, and a good place to go get inspired.  Enjoy!




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  1. Tim Childers said:

    Steve, this is a terrific site. I’m also using http://www.quotiki.com. It is a pretty good wiki that let’s you add quotes in the social environment.

  2. Mary Lester said:

    Thanks, Steve, I am a quote collector, use one every day to encourage students and me…QuoteBook has a daily quote feature you can sign up for.

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