Know any “Totally Wired” teachers?

The George Lucas Educational Foundation is calling for nominees for their first "Totally Wired Teacher Award."

The 2007 Mashup “Totally Wired Teacher Award” will honor a trailblazing
teacher who has successfully pioneered the innovative and educational
use of   social media (blogs, wikis, social networking, photo/video
sharing) in the classroom.  The award-winner likely had to overcome
challenges from parents and administrators in order to use the
technology, but because they understand how students use social media
outside of school, they persevered with their initiative and worked
collaboratively with students, ultimately sharing their insight and
knowledge with the larger teaching community.

Sound familiar?  I bet you know of more than a few STAR Discovery Educators who fit that description!  So take a few moments to nominate somebody you know who deserves to be recognized for their outstanding efforts. 

All you need to do is email along with your nominees name, title, and a couple paragraphs that explain why they deserve the award.