I hear music…

My friend and I were walking down the street one day:  He said, "I hear music…"  As if there was any other way to take it in… "I see music?"

-Mitch Hedberg

I was recently reviewing the new publisher materials for
social studies, science and music (can you believe we’ve made it to the point
that we finally have a music adoption?) and have been noticing all the
multimedia that is now incorporated. My
district has adopted Scott-Foresman for social studies and the online component
is an indispensable part of the

When I was
listening to the presentation for the music curriculum, however, I noted that
all of the included music was on CD. That
brings us to the topic of this post: what is the future of CD music?

Here is my take on music formats. I haven’t listened to a CD in over a year now
and before that all my music was on MP3 CD’s. Most car stereos now play MP3’s (or similarly formatted CD’s). Additionally, most new car stereos either
come with an additional input jack or are easily adaptable for iPods or other
portable music devices.

All the music I listen to at home
comes from either my laptop or my desktop PC and is then piped through speakers
I wired throughout my home. The songs
themselves are either streamed online or played through an application such as
iTunes, Winamp or Yahoo! Music Engine. There is never a CD anywhere in the equation!

At school, I’ve created playlists
with calm, classroom music that open up and automatically play at the push of a
single shortcut key. They last the
entire school day, so when the students are working there is quite music in the
background. When I’m teaching I have a
student lower the volume.  I’m already
wishing that the new music adoption would put the tracks in a compressed format
so we could simply click on the song we wanted instead of firing up the CD
player. I guess I’ll just be ripping
them myself…

My question to our California DEN
and fellow technophiles is this: As
leaders in educational technology, how do you listen to your music? Are CD’s going the way of the dinosaurs? Please add to our poll below and/or


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