NJAET & Me….and You Too!


If you are not already a member, please consider joining the New Jersey Association for Educational Technology. NJAET  is a group of over 700 educators (teachers, computer coordinators, administrators, consultants, etc.) who are working to promote the use of technology in education. Purposes of the organization include:

  • establish communication among educational technologists
  • provide a forum for the discussion and resolution of common problems
  • promote effective programs
  • enhance training and educational opportunities throughout the state
  • expand the view of the role of technology in education held by educators and the public
  • encourage the application of information technology and current research for improving instruction.

NJAET works cooperatively with the Educational Technology Office of the State Department of Education and with ETTCs around the state.  So now you’re asking yourself, "What’s an ETTC?"  Check out my other post for today with that title!

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