What's an ETTC?

Just another annoying acronym to try & remember? Well, maybe, but it’s one that you definately should!!  Did you know that every county in NJ has an Educational Technology Training Center (ETTC)?  Funded by the NJ State DOE, each ETTC is dedicated to providing opportunities for teachers to continuously increase their technological competence in a caring environment.

"Since this program has established a set of standards for
instruction in educational technology for teachers, the ETTC’s have
also developed an ETTC "Can-do Techlist" that can be used by districts to complete the STAFF DEVELOPMENT section (see p. 2) of the
       “Three Year Local District Technology Plan Checklist.”

Unlike most professional development in the disciplines
where the teachers know the content and can usually concentrate on a
new approach to teaching it, technology training requires a
three-phased learning process: learning a new “hands-on” skill;
determining if and how and where it meets instructional needs; and
developing the confidence, strategies, and “equipment-management”
skills to teach the skill to their own students. This requires a lot of
“spiraling” in the design of educational technology curricula as
teachers master a discrete skill, application, or piece of equipment;
reflect on its use; determine how to teach it (and often where –
classroom, lab, library?); and then try it out with their students. In
the face of all of this and the usual time constraints, the ETTC’s are
endeavoring to both teach skills and integration strategies as well as
to model a more transformational classroom approach."

Click here to find your county’s ETTC

P.S. My county’s ETTC is always looking for teachers to run workshops- yours probably is too 🙂

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  1. Tonya Wilson said:

    Heather, I have had the chance to take advantage of some of the professional development workshops offered through my county’s (Camden County) ETTCS. The information gained was very valuable. Since I have become a Technology Coordinator, I was unaware of this checklist. I will be using this list as I assess my teachers’ skills this coming school year. Our district requires us to use the 3 year Tech Plan as a template for creating our school’s tech. plan.

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