SpaceTime 3D: Your 3D web browser

Here’s another one you really gotta see for yourself.  SpaceTime 3D is web browser that gives you a 3D representation of the internet to surf through.  It’s sort of like some of the application switching in OSX and Vista, but even cooler.  At its most basic level, you can get 3D representations of all your tabs.  This makes for a dynamic display as you switch from tab to tab.  Double click on any and it goes back to 2D and zooms in on that page.  However, it’s when you get into searching that it really starts to look fantastic.  Do a Google search and the top ten hits turn into 3D web pages.  Like Snaps Preview, but more dynamic.  Do another search and it keeps your first set of results, and makes a string of results appear next to it.  You can bounce back and forth between the two sets with ease.

Not impressed yet?  Then switch into first person mode, and use your arrow keys to walk amongst the web sites.  No, there’s not much of a point, but it’s still pretty darn cool! 

Unfortunately, it does require some pretty hefty procesing power and seems to be windows only right now.  In their own words, "SpaceTime™ is a 3D application that relies on high bandwidth and powerful graphics, not all computers will run it.
    "  Mine ran it, but once I got more than 10 windows open it started to show signs of strain.  Still, it’s another example of what the future has in store for the browser!

Here’s a demo video for it that I found on YouTube:


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  1. Heather Sullivan- NJ DEN LC said:

    Just like my Vista Operating System, it doesn’t do anything extra that I really need, but it sure does look pretty!

    Not something I’d use full time now (I’m true to Flock), but a nice sneek peak into the not-too-far-off future of sensory-driven, 3D applications.

    The Future is Now!

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