Demofuse as Math Tutorial

On a recent post at Teach42 by Steve Dembo, he mentioned an awesome new tool at Demofuse.  It is designed to give visitors a tour of your website, how to fill out forms, etc.

I think it is a cool tool for self-paced tutorials on subjects like Math, English, Science, and more.  I’ve just completed a basic introduction to the y-intercept form of the linear equation.  We teach this to our 8th grade students in our computer labs.  This is a first draft, so it needs to be tweaked. 

It takes a little time to think through how you want the web pages laid out, but now that it is done, feel free to link to it for your own classes and save yourself the trouble!

Let me know what you think and how you would improve itdf by leaving your comments below.

You can start the tutorial here.


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