Day of Discovery in Wisconsin

I’m not sailor.  I tried it once when I was a camper back in the day.  I was pretty clueless, and when somebody yelled "Boom coming through!" I stood up to see what they were talking about.  *BAM*  I swam home.

Saturday though was a completely different experience.  I spent the day with with the Wisconsin DEN aboard the s/v Denis Sullivan, the finest sailing vessel I’ve ever seen.  Joe has some photos and his own description of events, so visit his Digital Storytelling blog to read all about it. 

I loved how interactive the trip was.  We weren’t just guests, we were the crew.  I recorded a short video with my phone and uploaded it to YouTube.  Check out some STAR Discovery Educators raising the main sail!

The fun and games didn’t stop once we got off the boat though.  After a break for lunch, we met back at Discovery World (no relation) and learned how to turn our digital photos into a digital story using PhotoStory.  That lead us into a demonstration of Discovery Education Science Connection.  We watched an interesting video of the Mythbusters as they experimented with toilets and toothbrushes (no, I’m not making that up) and played with some virtual labs.


Afterwards, we journeyed back outside to do a little geocaching along the beautiful Milwaukee shoreline. I’d never done it myself before and I have to admit I had a blast!  Our group had to hike over to a kite shop about a mile away to find the cache.  It took us a little while, but eventually Joe found it stashed behind the phone booth.  Sssshhhhhh!


All in all, it was a great way to spend a day.  Sailing, sun, and fun, collaborating geocaching and learning.  Kudos to the Wisconsin DEN for putting together such a great event!





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