Guest Blogging from AZ K-12 Tech Camp

This week we will have Darcy White as out guest blogger.  Read along this week as she relays her experience at a Web 2.0 Summer Camp!

June 10, 2007, AZ K-12 Center Tech Camp,

"Plug and Play 2.0: Building Your Own Website, Podcasting 101, and Multimedia"
Westward Look Resort, Tucson AZ
Let me first say that i was FORTUNATE enough to win this wonderful week at our own AzTEA’s PEAK conference back in Nov. 2006- and for the girl that always wins the silly things, this was quite a bonus, starting off my summer conference series acorss the U.S., but more on that later~
The AZ K-12 Center ( gave tech camp participants brand new iPod shuffles upon registration~intent was to use as flash drives for the week of creations, but this past MAC user will use it for songs, later on~ i’m planning to use my 4 gig flash and mp3 player to grab and take back nightly, to my lonely PC…
All tech "toys" are provided here at camp, and Day will will have us all out on field trips gathering video and stills to bring back and work on throughout the week.
Tony Vincent (,, was our keynote speaker on the Sonoran rooftop at the resort extolling the virtues of all that is out there…from website creations he started back in 1999 in  Omaha (reminds me of a young(er) Hall Davidson) to his current use of bloglines.
The first of many wonders from Tony was – if you’ve never used blue mountain’s ecards veepers, you MUST check this out! Kids will love it!
**Tony will be giving us pointers and tips throughout the week, in daily keynotes.
Day One will head us out on our respective field trips to gather video/stills to bring back to camp and create a multimedia project throughout our week here, the aim is to show and model for our students when we return to school.  We’ll be using MAC products and so my personal challenge will be to gleen all i can to transfer back to the PC mindmeld.
I’m also finding AZ DEN members as i go- at least two from the AZ K-12 Center, so far.

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