Great Teachers Acknowledged

EntranceLast Monday, great teachers across the country were acknowledged and dined in Orlando, Florida, by the Bright House cable networks.  These teachers received $1,000 per person (or per team), a two-day excursion to Chicago, and a goodie from Tiffany’s. The work they did was incredible.  They blended mega-lessons from cable network programming–like Discovery shows, curriculum development,Booktabs classroom-to-community
activities, and video/multimedia productions.  They bound the lessons and resources into a big book for submission, and they were amazing. Click on the picture at the right from "Walk Like an Egyptian" and check out the three inches of tabs!  It was rejuvenating to hear how much media helps in these Podiumscreens
classrooms.  The teachers were celebrated by the head of cable networks or their representatives and there was a great reception and, dare I say, even appetizers and an open bar.  NoTeacherpappa certificated person had any alcohol, of course.  But the spouses must have enjoyed the five-course dinner.  Teachers were fodder for the paparazzi as the program was taped for broadcast on the Bright House network. Check out some video from the awards here. There was also a bag of swag for them, including Denzel Washington’s inspired book and lots of other cool stuff, including some highly prized DEN tchotchke.
There were DEN members there, Star
including Nancy Keck, who told me she reads this blog.  It made my whole trip worthwhile! Thanks, Nancy. One geeky note: I was honored to give the evening keynote and discovered that the computer would be more than 200 feet from the podium.  Something to do with the set up for broadcasting the award.  They had a killer remote that would work to change slides in the presentation, but there was no way I could see the computer. Hmmm.  So I download the PowerPoint (images) into my nano, Nano
and had a little techno-cheat sheet.  It let me review the presentation before and during going on.  Nano, nano.Hhd

Some projects worth borrowing
:  One group used the game "RISK" as a model.  Students got control of a country when they received correspondence from it. Cool idea.  Nancy’s students explored the world and recorded their experiences in an actual steamer trunk. One class swabbed the school for cultures and found there were more bacteria on their desks than in the restroom. Studying medieval times, one class learned about armor from the local S.W.A.T. team and built a catapult for flinging watermelons.  Learn about more great projects from the Bright House site.


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