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One thing that I’ve come to love in the year and a half that I’ve been a DEN member is seeing and being with members of the Discovery Education team. Top to bottom some of the most energetic educators that I’ve come across, and with one goal in mind, making our jobs as educators easier.

I had the occasion today to take part in Orlando’s Day of Discovery at the PeabodyPeabody_orlando Orlando.
It was a great turnout of DEN and non-DEN members for a look at Discovery Education Science Connection and how it can be seamlessly integrated to support the science curriculum here in Florida. Lance opened up the day with sharing some of the challenges we educators face in today’s classroom. From there we broke into 2 groups and were shown the ins and outs of Discovery Education Science Connection by Bob Onsi while Lance discussed Formative assessments using Science Connection.Please read this post on the National Blog about helping shape the future of Science Connection by lending a hand

What would a Discovery event be without food? We were supplied a great lunch at the Peabody, and personally having worked in Five Star Hotels on I-Drive before, I just love Convention Catering food.  I wish I’d taken a picture of  the cookies that were there, they were about the size of hockey pucks. They didn’t last long, as when I went back to take the picture, they were already gone.

After lunch a panel discussion was held where we had Marilyn Gavitt from Martin County, Ruth Paine from Clay County and Sue Wetherington from Hernando County shared their thoughts in the use of Discovery Education Science Connection in the classrooms to date. There was a time for open questions and comments, great many points were shared and discussed. I’m working on cleaning up the audio this afternoon and hoping to get in contact with a few of the attendees to do some post-interviews with them for a podcast. (Believe it or not, I’ve not done one to be published yet, so this should be interesting!)

I had to leave shortly after this session to pick up my son from Pre-K so I missed out on the end of the day. However, I do know that each person in attendance did receive a copy of the Planet Earth DVD box set. When I pulled my copy out when I got into the car, my daughter couldn’t wait to start watching it. Thankfully we had the DVD player in the car and she started right away.

Thanks to Lance and the Discovery Team for putting on such a great day.


Here’s the .pdf from from Bob Onsi’s morning presentation as promised: Download ScienceConnection_CurriculumCoverageMarch2007.pdf


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  1. Janet Hallstrom said:

    The Day of Discovery was absolutely fabulous. The presentations were interesting and informative and the food was a real treat. I am thrilled that Clay County is forward thinking enough to realize what a valuable resource they are providing our teachers by purchasing, unitedstreaming plus, Health Education, Discovery Science Connections, AND ThinkLink.

  2. Debbie Bohanan said:

    It sounds like you had a great learning experience! I wish I could have attended but I am teaching a four day workshop this week in Osceola.

    I look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

  3. Wendy Norton said:

    I too wish I could have attended. However, I was at a four day Invasive Species Workshop that was excellent. I hope another event comes soon. Looks like the event had good attendance.

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