K12 Tech Camp – Midweek report

Day 3 had us starting our project creations, using iMovie/iPhoto and all the effects and transitions that can be used…and intro to the programs for most of us.

Tony Vincent’s site http://www.learninginhand.com/blog/ is keeping track of all the keynotes he gives us~http://www.learninginhand.com/softreset/index.html and on Tuesday he spoke about podcasts and showed uo what’s out there…including one done by a few women (so many men in podcasting): http://techchicktips.net/

Soft Reset is the podcast for those using handhelds in education. Hosted by Tony Vincent and Mike Curtis, you’ll learn helpful tips, hear about useful resources, and listen to insightful discussion about topics handheld-using educators care about.

Day 3:
We got our introduction to GarageBand, a free application that is cross-platform, Mac/PC. This has so many musical files you DON’T have to create, but if you’re feeling musical~ you can create and lay down tracks!  So we grabbed our iMovies and started adding our tracks and customizing our projects.

Tony Vincent’s keynote:
Blogging and RSS:
How to and why…
Blogger is free:
Blogging can be anything, and can allow sharing of embedded videos, etc. Sharing class assignments, you-name-it!

enjoying the stay, company and information!

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