Preparing for fall

Hello again!  It’s Lynn from Illinois.  I haven’t been on in a while; May always seems to be gone as quickly as it comes!

I’m looking for some help from people who have used ThinkLink for a couple of years.  I am working with my schools to establish our timeline for fall.  So, all you seasoned users, have you found the “right” timing for the first ThinkLink test?  One of the things I love about ThinkLink is that, by having the results of the first test, you don’t have to spend the first 6 weeks reviewing things from last year that your students already know; so I wonder if the test should be given almost immediately upon return.  But, I know the kids (and teachers!) need a little while to settle back into the routine.  How long do you wait to give the first test?

I’d appreciate all your thoughts on this.  The people with power are looking for a timeline by the end of next week!



  1. Donna said:

    Hi Lynn,

    My experience has been that the fall test is most helpful when given as soon as possible after classes begin.

    Others may think differently??

  2. Marshia said:

    Hello Lynn;

    We, too, are planning to give the first ThinkLink test soon after the new school year begins. With good spacing between the tests, I am hoping to assess how much students progress in specific content areas in-between.

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