You want more webinars? You got them!

Based on the feedback we received from our recent survey, you guys really love them webinars. An unbelievable number of people said that they’d love to see more online webinars next year covering even more topics.

You want it?  You got it!

Summer Webinar Schedule (for specific dates, see calendar below)
We’re going to start off our summer webinar schedule with three new series.  The first series is going to help introduce you to the many sites that Discovery Education has to offer that will help transform your classroom.  Think Discovery Education is just the company that owns unitedstreaming?  Think again.  From Science Connection to Health Connection, One Place  to  ThinkLink Assessment,  Nutshell Math and the two best streaming video services on the market, PowerMedia Plus and Discovery Education unitedstreaming.   Every Monday we will highlight a different product.  Learn a little, ask some questions, and try then try it out for yourself.

Tuesdays are going to feature the best presentations that we have to offer.  From 50 Ways to use unitedstreaming, to the MegaVCR, to Widgetizing the Builders, Tuesdays we’ll be sharing webinar versions of presentations you may have missed at conferences, EdTechConnects you wish you could have attended, and brand new presentations that will expand your thinking and transform your classroom.

A new series we’re going to be starting up is Thursday evening Conversations with the DEN.  Every other Thursday at 8:00pm EST, we’ll be hosting a live Skypecast.  The topics will include, digital storytelling, new technologies, integration strategies, current events, and of course Discovery news!  The first Skypecast will begin on Thursday, 6/21.  More details to come!

07-08 Webinar Schedule

EdTechConnect has always been an incredibly successful webinar series.  During the last school year, we brought you Will Richardson, Doug Johnson, David Warlick, Joe Brennan, Frank Guttler of the American Film Institute, and many many more.  Next year we are going to continue the series with some of the biggest names from the EdTech Community.  By popular demand, the series will begin two hours later at 7:00pm EST, making it more convenient for our colleagues on the west coast. 

We closed off the 06-07 school year with two wildly successful webinars for both teachers and students to share together.  The first featured a producer from the Planet Earth series, Dr. Penny Allen.  The second featured Allan Butler, a producer for the Science Channel’s Space Week, and Ken Reightler, astronaut and VP for Lockheed Martin’s Space Operations.  Both webinars had record setting attendance numbers, over 1,000 attendees per webinar.  You told us that you wanted more webinars with actors and crew from the Discovery networks.  So we are very proud to bring you Discovery Connection!  The first Wednesday of every month we will host a webinar featuring names and faces from your favorite Discovery shows.  The schedule is still being worked out, but block that time out now.  This is something you’ll want to share with your students!

*phew*  Is that enough for you?  It’s going to be an exciting summer, followed by an even more exciting school year!  While many of the specifics are still being scheduled, you can find the summer schedule below along with registration links for the June and July webinars.

If you have trouble seeing the schedule, you can also find it here

























































































6/18/2007 1:00pm EST OnePlace Kelli Campbell
6/21/2007 8:00pm EST DEN
  Group Chat
Steve Dembo
6/25/2007 1:00pm EST Help
Bob Onsi
7/2/2007 1:00pm EST PowerMediaPlus Sara Fisher
7/5/2007 8:00pm EST DEN
  Group Chat
Steve Dembo
7/9/2007 1:00pm EST Science
Bob Onsi
7/10/2007 5:00pm EST Digital
  Media in Inspiration/Kidspiration
Jennifer Gingerich
7/16/2007 1:00pm EST unitedstreaming
  (Plus & Media Packs)
Shelley Santora Jones
7/19/2007 8:00pm EST DEN
  Group Chat
Steve Dembo
7/23/2007 1:00pm EST Health
Bob Onsi
7/24/2007 7:00pm EST Summer Streamin’ Lance Rougeux
7/30/2007 1:00pm EST ThinkLink
  Assessment: I can see clearly now!
Donna Neblett
8/2/2007 8:00pm EST DEN
  Group Chat
Steve Dembo
8/6/2007 1:00pm EST OnePlace Kelli Campbell
8/7/2007 5:00pm EST The
  Secret ‘i" in iPod
Hall Davidson
8/13/2007 1:00pm EST Help
Bob Onsi
8/16/2007 8:00pm EST DEN
  Group Chat
Steve Dembo
8/20/2007 1:00pm EST PowerMediaPlus Sara Fisher
8/21/2007 7:00pm EST Makin’
Joe Brennen
8/27/2007 1:00pm EST Science
Bob Onsi
8/28/2007 7:00pm EST State
  of the DEN Report & Feedback
Scott Kinney
8/30/2007 8:00pm EST DEN
  Group Chat
Steve Dembo



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  1. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Thanks for the great options over the summer. I look forward to te webinars!

  2. Meg Griffin said:

    WOW! Steve!! I can’t wait for these webinars! I had the chance to attend a few and was disappointed that I missed some. AS I change to 4th grade (up from 2nd) I look forward to ones which would be appropriate for student interaction. Thanks!!

  3. darcy said:

    yes, this is geat news…to heaqr that webinars will start a few hrs later- for those west coast folks, and those of us in crazy AZ, who don’t change times but get lost in the shuffle…

    it’s also nice to know i can find some of you when i hit conference #3 (economics) in Denver, by myself… in mid-july.

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