And the winner of the Distinguished Achievement Award for Instructional Websites is…

It must seem like we’re patting ourselves on the back a lot lately, but we can’t help but share the good news!  On June 12th, was the proud recipient of the AEP’s Distinguished Achievement Award for Instructional Websites!  The award is really a testament to the collaboration that each and every one of
you do here on a daily basis.  Without all of you, this website would just be an
empty shell. 

This is the second award that has won, and with your continued commitment to collaboration and learning, I hardly think that it will be our last!  In fact, don’t tell anyone I told you this, but we’re hard at work right now improving just about every aspect of the site.  Exciting stuff!

So a big thanks to you, members of the Discovery Educator Network, you have truly made  our website award worthy!



  1. Tracy said:

    Congratulations to the crew behind the scenes. Without you, we wouldn’t have this opportunity!

  2. MaryAnn Sansonetti said:

    This is wonderful! It says so much about the power of the DEN!

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