Day of Discovery

I just attended the Day of Discovery in Orlando, FL.  This took place at the Peabody, and we found that the ducks are not the only ones treated like royalty.  We began the day with fresh fruit and a continental breakfast, and that was followed with an entertaining presentation by Lance Rougeux on the challenges today’s teachers face.  He brought wonderful personal experiences as a teacher and dealing with the learning needs of students.  It soon became apparent that resources such as Science Connection provide ways to meet these challenges.  Session 1 began for me with an overview of the formative assessment available with the program.  Session 2 was presented by Bob Onsi, a developer of the program.  Lunch was a royal feast and followed by a panel discussion including Ruth Paine, Distance Learning Specialist of Clay County, Marilyn Gavitt, Coordinator of Instructional Technology, Martin County, and Sue Wetherington, Coordinator of School Related Technology, Hernando County.  This discussion was fresh and invigorating and from a user’s perspective.  Sesson 3 was filled with Tips on using technology intergrating it into the classroom.  I had no idea you could use an iPod for your videos and then plug it into a multimedia projector for presentations.  What a great solution for those who don’t have a laptop, and the computer is too far away!  Session 4 presented ThinkLink.  Wow!  Assessment in an easily tracked, easily given, and easily adapted format.  I am fortunate that my county has purchased unitedstreaming plus, Discovery Health, Discovery Science Connection, and ThinkLink.  It is like Christmas in June.  At the end of the day, someone from a neighboring county actually asked me to help him sell it to the director in his county.  I feel confident that once the director really looks at these products, they will sell themselves!


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  1. Kathy said:

    What a great product (Science connection!)Lots of neat ideas that are greatly accessable….Loved the video clips and the way they are sub-divided. However, wish you had the MD assessment limits posted.

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