More fun from Tech Camp

Day 3, Wednesday, continued…

More suggestions from Tony Vincent for blogs/podcasts, etc to check out…

CU Online: Educational Technology News and Resources

Learning Now blog from PBS TeacherSource

2 Cents Worth Educational Technology Blog by David Warlick

not educational but good for teachers (anyone) bargains online Ben’s Bargain Blog

Tony discussed podcasts, RSS feeds, etc…how to simplify one’s life once the addiction needs to be controlled:

Aggregate your blogs with Bloglines…This "marriages" all your RSS feeds, so you really can have a LIFE!

Add Feeds to your "My Yahoo" Page

Have new blog posts emailed to you once a day with FeedBlitz

Another way to have RSS feeds emailed to readers: Squeet

Search Blog with Google Blog Search

Podcasts Use RSS

YouTube Video: Web 2.0…The Machine is Us/ing Us

Make any text RSS feed into a spoken podcast with Feed 2 Podcast

Redirect your RSS feed through FeedBurner to get statistics

Subscribe to photo tags from Flickr

Subscribe to online bookmarks from

Tony’s word for the week… "automagically"

Day 4…Thursday, iPods can be used for everything!!
~~~~~~~~~~coming soon

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