Wiki, anyone?

Wikispaces is giving away 100,000 free wikis to K-12 teachers.  The spaces are being given away on a first-come-first-served basis.  So far, over 28,000 spaces have been claimed.  To get yours, visit Wikispaces for teachers and "start a Wiki in 30 seconds."


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  1. Bill Lewis said:

    I highly recommend Wikispaces. I have been teaching wikis to educators of all experience levels and it is a tool that most can grasp and use. I have a Language Arts teacher who has set up a site with a private pages for each student so that they can post their writing samples for parents to read and comment on. Another teacher has students post videos they find on the web for his physics class. It is just an easy, great tool with many applications. For a great example go to
    This school has taken the use of Wikispaces to a total integration model.

    See you at NECC!

    Bill Lewis

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