Hello everyone! My name is Marshia and I’m pleased to be joining you! I have worked for over twenty years in the arts and education in California before rejoining my Kentucky family two years ago. During this time, I began learning about student assessment tools and worked with other educators in a variety of school settings to collect information about different learning modalities and how students best like to learn.

As a new teacher at my school this past year, I had an immediate interest to “come up to speed” and learn more about the ThinkLink tests I administered to my second grade class. I gladly accepted the ThinkLink training that was offered by my school district and grasped the significance of the tool that was being presented to me.  Shortly after the training, I took an educational research class while working in a Master’s program at Eastern Kentucky University. I decided to use ThinkLink’s probes as a basis for my statement of hypothesis–“The Effect of ThinkLink Probes on Achievement of Second Grade Students”. My hypothesis was supported! Students’ scores improved! I began spreading the word, helping others at my school that wanted to know more. Now, I’m looking forward to helping my new students by using their ThinkLink results to guide my instruction for them–right after summer vacation, that is!



  1. martinkat said:

    Hi Marshia,
    Welcome! I am currently working on an Action Research project, where I have asked the question: “What current technology tools are teachers/schools using to raise test scores?” My district does not (yet) use ThinkLink, and I would love to know more about your study! ThinkLink is new to me and I am interested in how it is used and how you did your data comparison. If you are willing to share, I would be thrilled!

  2. Stacey Schuh said:

    I am also a new member and I am so excited to learn more about thinklink and be part of the star program. I hope to be posting more on the blog when I get a chance.

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