Science Connection Training in MD: Teacher Reactions to DESC

I spent the day in scenic Hagerstown, MD with a group of dedicated middle school teachers who were wrapping up a week of professional development.  After taking an exam this morning (a Physics exam no less), they jumped into Science Connection. 

Read their comments to see what they thought.


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  1. D. Miller said:

    I really enjoyed learning how to use the discovery science connection website! I really look forward to creating exams for students to take and also having assignments for students to do that will help them relearn the material. One thing that I wish this website had are the ws/quizzes, ect that go along with the videos, like what united streaming has.

  2. Jonathan said:

    I really like discovery connection. I think that it will be a great asset to me as a teacher within the classroom. The Interactive videos, interactive explorations, virtual labs, assessment tools etc. will help in the instruction and learning within the classroom.

  3. John said:

    The Mythbusters episodes were great. The site is amazing and will really allow me to bring the topics that we need to cover to the students in a moreinteresting format. I just hope that the hardware and software that we haveat our home schools will allow us to access the website without any trouble!

  4. Patty Roth said:

    The discovery science connection program is really GREAT. The training has really showed me the valuable uses – my content, etc.

    I think it will be easy to follow up on preassessment and postassessment evaluations. Not to mention assisting students reteaching.

    One thing that I would like to comment on is the fact that you can only add/delete one content piece at a time.

    I hope to continue to use this program and am anxious to see the updates that will be coming.

  5. Donna Schmidt said:

    Using discovery science connection will be a great addition to science lessons!!!!!!

  6. Mary said:

    I really like all of the information available and the things you can do with it within the classroom. I especially like that I can search “Mythbusters” and get a list of videos/segments. I don’t like that the “My Content” folder can’t be saved to a flash drive. I also came across a lot of errors today, so it wasn’t as smooth as it could have been.

  7. Cheryl Dietrich said:

    I appreciate being taught how to access your product. I really like it and it will really be a plus in helping me to enrich my lessons.I would like to see some way to be able to shuffle my content around and be able to delete more than one thing at a time.

  8. Steve said:

    Hi, my name is Steve Dove. I am a middle school science teacher (7th and 8th grade) in Washington County, Maryland. The last day of our Physics Unraveled workshop was spent using the Discovery Science website. I have used several online resources in my classroom, and this is the most powerful, informative, and user-friendly Internet resource for science teachers that I have ever used! I especially think the Assessment Manager is awesome. I have spent the last 45 minutes developing My Content for next school year. I would be helpful if the search engine could be updated to allow the user to organize their Content as they add it in. For example, I would like to add my 7th grade content stuff directly into my 7th grade folder instead of having to organize it after it’s in My Content.
    Anyway, thanks for send Lance, he has been a great help answering our questions and helping us navigate the website!!

  9. Jan said:

    This has been a very informative day – I hope to put Discovery Science Connection to good use.

  10. Marj said:

    This antique teacher who remembers Commodore 64’s is amazed at the resources available at this scienceconnections site. I’m anxious to explore the capabilities and differentiate assignments.

  11. Sally Irwin said:

    Science connection is an awesome product. I am amazed at all the resources that are available. It is really cool that you can download the video segments into a powerpoint. The training was very interactive. I feel this product will be used heavily to engage students in active learning.

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