Get a Life! A DEN Second Life That Is!

If you’re reading this blog, then I’m assuming that you know ‘something’ about Second Life.  If you don’t, not a problem!  I’ve listed a couple of links at the bottom of the post to get you up to speed.

Why a DEN blog on Second Life?  Because DEN has decided to have a presence in this MUVE (Multi-User Virtual Environment) called Second Life.   If you think about it for a moment it makes PERFECT sense!  I took this from the ‘About Us’ page on the DEN website:

“Connecting teachers to their most valuable resource…each other! The Discovery Educator Network is a global community of educators who are excited by the power of digital media and want to collaborate and share resources with other educators. “ 

Second Life is just another medium for connecting and collaborating and DEN wanted to make sure that its members had a venue to call their own in this exciting new virtual world. 

I’ll be using this blog to share events that will be occurring at the DEN in SL Headquarters, tips & tricks (I’ve coined the phrase, Slips, for ‘Second Life Tips’), places to visit, and just general observations about life in SL as viewed through the eyes of a DEN STAR Educator.

In my next post I’ll be introducing you to the DEN in SL Leadership Council members.

If you’re ever in-world (the term used to indicate that you are logged into Second Life) make sure to look me up!

~~Laelia Laval

Links to Information About Second Life:

Second Life 



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