IL DEN Members going to NECC

Since summer is upon us and we seem very quiet in IL, I thought it would be great to put out an entry to stir up the embers a little. If you are going to NECC, please volunteer as a guest blogger for the IL Den. Put together some thoughts on specific sessions, the overall conference, or anything that you think IL DEN members would want to know. Send it to and I will post your blog in no time flat!

Additionally, Steve Dembo posted a list of the webinars for this summer… Because of the great feedback, they have added several. Check them out at his post here.

For those that are going to NECC… I for one am very jealous. Eagerly anticipating your responses…


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  1. atruger said:

    I was at NECC and it was a great experience!I attended the pre-conference retreat with DEN at STone Mountain Park. It was fabulous! The DEN really knows how to treat it’s members. We had a private animal show, reserved first row seating in the parrot show, an imaginative collaborative key note and an incredibly creative assignment to complete. The people were amazing as was the support we were given. If you ever have the chance to attend anything DEN related, I highly recommend it!

    I was also one of the many at the DEN @2nd Birthday dinner at Azios restaurant. Talk about great food and company!Even though our blog seems to be very quiet the amount of Illinois DEN people at this dinner was staggering. We played a game where we had to find people from all 50 states to sign our sheets and no one needed my sig because I was from Illinois and EVERYONE already had Illinois! It was pretty funny.
    The biggest shock of the conference for me came when I saw the Roger Wagner’s Hyperstudio 5 booth! I present for T4L and was wearing their shirt when I went over to the booth and they wouldn’t show me the demo, maybe someone else who saw it can give a review?

    Well I am still trying to catch up to life after being gone for 6 days, so I will be signing off now.

    If you haven’t done so already please come visit me in Second Life. I am JessieMarie Flanagan and I would be happy to show you around the DEN house! : )


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