Day #2 Part 1 Makin' Movies

Img_0596_3 Its officially brain dead time! Today, Joe Brennen, a STAR Educator and latest member of the National Discovery Education family, presented techniques and ideas for creating movies in the classroom. We learned about camera techniques, editing tricks and tips, as well as ideas to use film making in the classroom. Some of the examples came from the I Can Film Festival in San Fernando, CA. ICan is a short film festival for students created by the San Fernando Education Technology Team. The students create 3-5 minute movie "shorts" that could be movie trailers, public service announcements, or commerial type movies.

Of course we were given projects to do called "The Door Scene." The assignment came from the AFI Education Film Guide. The scenario was ‘filming’ a 90 second videRita_joe_mm_4o with out editing. We could only pause the video to change camera angles. This afternoon we had to redo the "Door Scene" but this time we did storyboarding and editing of the video. With film editing we were able to use a green screen and swim with dolphins. Of course we are techical difficulties but team 7 has prevailed!

Tonight, all of the groups will be reviewing our movie shorts. I am sure the movies will tell us a lot about each group. The group events won’t be ending until about 8:30 pm tonight and who knows what will happen to Silver Spring, MD after they let us go from 12 hours of creating movies.

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