Enough about my fav's, what are yours?

Tomorrow I’ll be joining the folks out in Silver Spring to share with them Second Life and some of my favorite ways to integrate Web 2.0 into unitedstreaming. Among the sites/widgets I intend to share are:

Any favorites to add to the list? In particular, I’m looking for tasty educational sites that you can embed into other pages. If any of you have a chat box creator, I could really use a new one of those, because ChatCreator.com seems to be gone now.

Got a tip for me?


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  1. Erik Wittmer said:


    We are looking to see you tomorrow down here in Silver Springs. We are having fun with Joe showing us how to make movies. See you tomorrow!

  2. Omar said:

    Here is another collaborative web-based mind mapping tool worth looking at. comapping.com

  3. Tim Childers said:

    Steve, I’ve been playing with Moonk at http://www.moonk.com. It allows you to embed slideshows, videos, and playlists on your websites and blogs. Biggest drawback so far…everything starts automatically. I can’t figure out how to set it up where you must click to start the videos, etc. Looking forward to tomrrow (almost today!)

  4. Susan Tompkins said:

    Hey Steve! Thanks for the info. You are a great resource for techie teachers like me. Those of us in DC at the DNI say “Keep on sending…”

  5. Brett Harvey said:

    Steve, check out the CA blog update I made (Cool Summer Vacations). Something that just dawned on me while tinkering around at the institute.

    I also shared Toufee.com which embeds a flash video into your webpage.


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