Lights, Camera, Silver Spring

      Here we are at Discovery headquarters in Silver Spring, MD makin’ movies. This is just the beginning of a post that will be changing and growing over time. Check the comments on a regular basis for tips and sites from participants. So far we’ve had some green screen fun (and headaches) along with trying some other special effects in our door movies.
     I slipped out to the AFI Theatre and Cultural Center down the street and got a RED carpet tour. I was also reminded what real linear editing was like by the editing/splicing table they had on display in the lobby.


     And here’s a PDF of the opening slide presentation sans movies Download MakinMovies507.pd
     Check Marco Torres’ FlickSchool podcasts on Storyboarding and different shots. And don’t forget to look in at all of his students’ work from the iCan Festival.

     "Visual Grammar" is the topic of a conversation I had with the AFI’s Frank Gutler in mid-March. You can download that podcast from this link.

     The Mabry School in Georgia has some great examples of student work.

     How can one person make a difference? That’s just what the National School Board Association asked student film makers. You can see the winning answers at their T+L conference site.


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