Touche for Toufee

Flash animation is one of the fun new media tools that has made the internet more engaging. Flash has applications in storytelling (click on the small town on the horizon), mindless games and even the news.  But if you’ve ever tried to learn Flash you know the learning curve is steep. However, thanks to a new tool called Toufee, you can make a flash video from anywhere with no experience.
With Toufee you can use images, videos and text along with several built-in transitions and effects to create online videos. You can even directly upload photos from flickr or videos from YouTube and Google (although I had recently trouble uploading my .wmv files). The program then gives you a URL to watch your video as well as HTML code so you can post the video into your website. Check out the video I made on the second day of the DEN National Institute below:

Get your own flash movies at

The program is online and requires no download but you must create a user account. I recommend watching the tutorial videos – they give very helpful tips.


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  1. Kim R-CA LC Chair said:

    Hey Brett,
    What a neat tool! Thanks for sharing. I teach my 6th graders Flash (and yes it takes a while for them to “get” it but they do love it). Hope you and Ray and the rest of the DC National Institute are having fun! Hi to everyone! 🙂


  2. Shelley said:

    I was glad to see your post, Brett. I have been using Toufee with my 7th & 8th grade summer enrichment class. The students really love it and they created some excellent presentations to share with a wide audience! Check out my blog to see some of their work.

  3. Ganesh said:


    This is Ganesh from Toufee Support. Great to note that you guys are putting Toufee to excellent use. We at Toufee are seriously considering the educational application of Toufee and we are planning to dedicate a special section for this on Toufee’s website very soon. This will be platform where Toufee users (teachers, technology instructors) can share their experiences and derive best practices

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