Day #2 Part 2 Special Evening

Img_0632 Last night was a great night. After working on our movie projects ALL day we were treated to something special. We were taken to the Discovery Communications HD theatre to "watch our movies" in high def. BUT the treat was a visit from the Executive Producer of Perfect Predator, John Grassie. He came by to show us a sneak peek of Perfect Predator for shark week on Discovery. What an amazing experience! Mr. Grassie talked about the amazing experiments conducted to find out more about the various shark species.

We previewed 10 minutes of the perfect predator show that will view August 1 on Discovery. And I have to say it really made me want to go home and set the DVR to watch the show. This experience (and its really only been a day and a half) has been so inspiring. Its really allowing me to get excited about not only what Discovery has to offer but what is out there, whether its Img_0625Web 2.0, real movie production, or just networking with colleagues from across the country.

Today is going to be a great day… Steve Dembo is joining us for Second Life and Web 2.0. The rumor is … we are actually leaving the Discovery Communications building…. YIPPEE!

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