DEN Leadership Institute Day 2!

Okay, this is technically day 3, but I was too wiped out last night to post a blog.  Now, refreshed and fed, this is my third attempt to post this morning.  Discovery is a wonderful company with wonderful products, but their wireless connections…..

Anyway, we spent yesterday with Joe Brennan learning about digital storytelling, storyboarding, creating interesting camera angles, telling stories with no words, setting mood, using green scrreens, and (of course) doing the work.  I can’t post our team’s movie because we used a Beach Boys clip from YouTube that I’m sure is not copyright free.  Sorry!  Watch other blogs from around the country to see some of the other work that was created.  They were top notch!

Last night we spent time watching a preview, rough-cut, clip from a new episode of Predator Planet on the hammerhead shark.  WAY COOL!  The episode airs on August 1, so set your Tivos and VCRs.

Today is Web 2.0 with Steve Dembo as our opening act.  Then, we get our "big assignment".  Tell you more later!


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  1. MaryAnn Sansonetti said:

    What a day it was! This has been a good experience. I learned a lot about film editing yesterday.

  2. Susan Tompkins said:

    I agree with the exciting opportunities we have had at the DNI DC. Joe, Lance, Jannita, Steve, and Scott deserve a private island vacation after this week! They have really challenged us to stretch! Keep posting your comments, so many of us look forward to them.

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