DEN Leadership Institute Day 3, Part Deux!

This is not my day for Internet connections.  It took me 3 tries to get my last post blogged because I kept getting my wifi connection dropped.  Now I’m back at the hotel and it just happened again (always just as I am pressing "save" on this blog!).  So…let’s see if we can get this baby put to bed this time around!

This morning we spent an hour looking at Discovery’s presence in Second Life with Steve Dembo and the SL Leadership Council.  I have to say I was really impressed.  I can’t wait to get back in there and fly over to EduIsland II.  After looking around at our "headquarters," the council took Steve over to the Genome Project.  Using his SL avatar, Steve journeyed inside a 3-D cell.  How cool is that?

Our breakout sessions covered software and websites as we looked at a new beta product for Discovery, changes to the 3 Builders in unitedstreaming, and Web 2.0.  These sessions were led by Lance, Matt, and Steve.  We learned so much stuff that I can’t possibly list it all here.  I’ll do some follow-ups when the conference is over to let you know about some of the new things we covered.  In the meantime, Steve’s list of Web 2.0 sites can be found here.  It’s a wiki, so add your own!

Den07_006We also spend some time after lunch with Shelly Santora Jones, the guru of all things unitedstreaming.  It is so neat to interact with these creative genuises!  You can look at the improvements to the 3 Builders at Matt’s blog.

Tonight, after dinner on the Discovery rooftop, everyone else went tDen07_010o Washington DC for a guided tour.  Me?  I had to finish a final exam, so I stayed behind (wipe a tear for me).  Now it is late, so I am going to copy this blog to the clipboard and try to post it again.  I dare the Internet gods to defy me this time!


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  1. joe Brennan said:

    It was not a good day for computers. As I sat on the Tarmac in my United flight at Reagan yesterday morning, I was wishing I could teleport myself back to One Discovery Place a la Second Life.

  2. MaryAnn Sansonetti said:

    I am so sorry you didn’t go on the tour with us. You really missed the Rita show. Although, I understand having to finish a final…. I actually had a groups of lesson plans to grade for a class I am teaching online… I didn’t get to it YET!

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